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White Fillings

Most patients who require a filling will these days opt for a white or tooth-coloured filling, which blends in naturally with your teeth for maximum discretion. In the past, fillings were made from metal amalgam, which was very strong and durable but also very noticeable, particularly at the front of the mouth. White fillings were regarded as less strong, but these days they are very strong and able to withstand biting and chewing forces over a long period of time.

At Polygon Dental Practice we are firmly of the belief that prevention is better than cure, so we will help and encourage you to take good care of your teeth with the aim of stopping decay from occurring. However, if you do suffer from tooth decay, our dental team will carefully remove all areas of decay and repair the tooth with a white filling. We can also remove old, metal amalgam fillings and replace them with white fillings, so that you can smile without a trace of metal in sight.